Thank You Apple . . .

It’s been a while since my last post, but it’s because I try to keep my promise to only post when I have something worthy to write about (plus I’ve been busy with my wonderful clients)! I’m excited about writing this post, because it is all about fun things (unlike my most recent Verizon posts)!

Apple kicked off their annual WWDC Conference yesterday in San Jose and opened with a keynote from Tim Cook. Wow, did he have a lot of exciting things to announce and it’s been a while since I’ve seen them release a lot to get excited about! This post will not put a dent in covering all the news, rather I am writing about the announcements most exciting to me and what I think my clients will love most.

I’m not saving the best for last, I’m beginning with it!

iOS 11 (Available Fall 2017) – these are just a few of my favorite new features . . .

  • iMessages will synchronize between devices, and will free up storage space by storing things like old photo messages to the cloud. This is a biggie! Not only is it annoying to have to delete the same messages on multiple devices, but many of my clients find that saved iMessages are hogging all of their device storage. Sounds like iOS 11 fixes this!
  • Apple Pay Cash – Apple Pay will now support person-to-person payments via iMessage!
  • Do not Disturb While Driving safety mode, will silence notifications, show a blank screen on your phone, and auto-reply with an “I’m driving!” message while you’re driving.

watchOS 4 (Available Fall 2017) – I mainly use my watch for working out, so these updates make a big difference for me!

  • Safety Feature – you will be able to use the watch face as a flashlight or blinking light during runs or walks.
  • Playlists – watchOS 4 will support more than one playlist (yeah) and you will be able to connect a specific playlist to a workout!
  • Multiple Workouts – The Apple Watch’s Workout app currently only supports one workout at a time. Many of my workouts include more than one activity. Frequently  I will run and then walk for a while or I will use the elliptical and then lift weights. The new watchOS 4 will support multiple workouts in one session.

High Sierra (Fall 2017) – will be the next OS X following Sierra. While it has many features, I’m only going to focus on ONE because my clients have been asking for this! Apple was a pioneer in the printed photo books, but you could only create them using Apple Books. High Sierra’s Photos app is going to integrate the ability to make books through other vendors like Shutterfly!

New Macs – available this summer.

  • The iMac is getting a better display, faster processors and graphics performance, more memory capacity, and some new ports. There is also an iMac with Retina Display that is getting a lower entry-level price
  • The MacBook and MacBook Pro are getting faster chips and drives and the 13-inch MacBook Pro is getting a lower entry-level price.
  • The MacBook Air is getting a faster chip.

New iPad Pro 10.5″ – Many of my clients have been holding out to buy a new iPad. Apple recently updated their iPad Air 2 and called it simple, iPad. It’s faster, but slightly thicker and not an exiting update. Today Apple introduced  a new 10.5-inch version of the iPad Pro. It has thinner borders around its edges, but still has a home button, and will support a full-width keyboard cover. It features a display with better color and a new feature called ProMotion. ProMotion updates content up to 120 times per second, making it feel smoother and more responsive especially when using the Pencil. It’s faster and will come with twice the standard amount of memory at 64 GB.

HomePod – last, but not least . . . Apple’s answer to Sonos and Amazon Echo! I love my Sonos and was just getting ready add to my collection, but I think I am going to wait until December (think Christmas shopping) and give HomePod a try.  I won’t need to be with my phone or Mac to talk to Siri!

As I said, this is just a brief list with only the improvements that really excited me! More to come . . .





Don’t forget this . . . even if you never used Verizon Email!

Just what you want to read about today . . . more issues to consider about Verizon email addresses! This one effects not only Verizon email users, but those who email people who used to use Verizon email.

It’s been painful, but Verizon email users have been (or will be) moving their email to a new server and in most cases a new email address. I’m sure you have received many notifications about those new email addresses and have updated your address book. In addition to updating your address book, you will want to take the time to edit your “memorized” or “previous recipients” lists if you use an email program like Outlook or Mac Mail. Gmail also saves email addresses for auto population when creating an email.

Perhaps you did not even know that list existed and assumed it was populating email addresses from your address book only, but it’s not. Even if you have updated your address book, you are likely to continue seeing Verizon email address (and other incorrect email addresses) popping up when you send emails. Take a bit of time to clean out your memorized email addresses.

If you use Outlook, click here for instructions on how to cleanup your suggested recipients list.

If you use Mac Mail:

  1. Open Mac Mail.
  2. Click on the Window Menu.
  3. Click on Previous Recipients.
  4. You will see a list of previous recipients. Identify incorrect email addresses and then click Remove From List. If there is an icon to the left of the name, then that person is in your address book. If there is no icon, they are not in your address book, but only in the Previous Recipients List.

If you use Gmail:

  1. Log into your Gmail account.
  2. Go to your Contacts list.
  3. In Contacts you are looking for a group called Other Contacts. You should be able to find it under More.
  4. Select the incorrect email addresses and delete them.
  5. If you would like for Gmail to stop saving email addresses of people to write to, go into Settings. In the General tab change the value for “Create contacts for auto-complete:” from “When I send a message to a new person, add them to Other Contacts so that I can auto-complete to them next time” to “I’ll add contacts myself”.

I’m sure you will find other incorrect email addresses besides Verizon! Think of it as a little spring cleaning!



Use Siri To Make Posts To Twitter and FaceBook

I’m not a huge user or follower of social media, but I know many of my clients spend a lot of time on social media. Whether for personal use to keep up with friends, your favorite shops, children and grandchildren or for business use to bring in the business, social media has a real impact on our lives and it’s effective. Shoot, I bought 3 shirts just last week from posts that I saw from one of my favorite shops (they were on sale)!

While I might not use social media that much (other than last week), I do use Siri on my iPhone, computer and iPad. Last week one of my clients bought another use of Siri to my attention. Yep, you can use Siri to update your FaceBook status or to post a Tweet. Simply say something like, “Siri, update my FaceBook status” or “Siri, post a tweet.” She will ask you what you want to say and all you have to do is tell her. Pretty cool!

You do have to give Siri permission to use Twitter, Facebook and other apps. Go to Settings, Siri and App Support to set it up for use. Siri cannot automatically post to Instagram, Pinterest and other social media sites, but if you ask her to make a post to Instagram (and others), she will open the app for you to begin the post. Take a look at the other apps listed in app support for Siri. You might not be a social media user, but you will probably see something there you might like to use. Uber was under mine. Now all I need to do is say, “Hey Siri, call me an Uber!”



Battery Life

A few tips on the battery life of your iPhone . . .

Low Power Mode

When your iPhone gets below 20% on battery charge, you will be notified that you can turn on Low Power Mode. You’ve probably seen this alert. You can choose to go into Low Power Mode or not. Low Power Mode temporarily reduces power consumption until you can fully charge your iPhone. When it is on items like mail fetch, background app refresh, automatic downloads and some other features are reduced or turned off and may not work at all. Your phone will stay in Low Power Mode until it is sufficiently charged (80%).

There may be some times when you would like to manually put your iPhone in Low Power Mode to save power before you get into a critical spot. Heres how:

  • Settings
  • Battery
  • Turn on Low Power Mode

Your battery icon on the status bar will appear yellow while it is in Low Power Mode. 

Which Apps Use The Most Battery

Go to Settings – Battery and you will find a list of apps and their consumption of your battery power. To improve your battery life if you find a power hog:

  • Make sure that you close your apps when they are not in use.
  • Some apps do a background refresh even if they are not open. You can turn off Background App Refresh by going to Settings/General/Background App Refresh.

Screen Brightness

A nice bright screen looks good, but also uses valuable battery life. Go to Settings/Display & Brightness and lower your brightness setting.



Important To Read If You Use a Verizon Email Address

Verizon is saying goodbye to email. Good riddance! For several years I have complained about Verizon not improving their email service. My biggest complaint was that they did not offer IMAP which allows users to sync their email on multiple devices. My fix to that was to forward all of my Verizon email to an IMAP account and for me that was I have finally gotten rid of my Verizon email account all together and it looks like many of you may be faced with the same decision.

Last week Verizon began notifying customers that it is giving up control of their email accounts. Here is the funny part . . . they are migrating those accounts to AOL, a service provider that most people have abandoned over the years. I think I have 2 or 3 clients who just can’t seem to give up their AOL accounts, but most have moved because AOL lacked modern aesthetic and capabilities. Additionally, AOL experienced a major security breach in 2014 which they have hopefully learned from and have improved security. From my experience, Verizon is giving up their inferior email to another inferior email provider.

Verizon email users will be given 3 options:

  1. Notify Verizon that you want them to move your email to AOL. You will keep your same email address ending in, but will access your email by going through AOL’s system. This is your easiest option because Verizon does all of the work. They will migrate your contacts, calendars, email and other information to AOL. Easy yes, but stuck with an AOL as your email service.
  2. You can opt to migrate your Verizon email to another service such as Gmail or Microsoft’s Outlook. This can get complicated as you will be responsible for making the move yourself (relying on instructions from your new provider’s website and user forums) or hiring a professional to help.
  3. You can opt to do nothing and your account from Verizon will be deleted.

While it might be a pain, now may be a good time to move away from your Verizon email address. There are a lot of good email provides available that are not tied to a paid for service like Verizon and Comcast. Start thinking because you will be forced to make a change soon.

Free Up Valuable Disk Space on Your Mac using Reduce Clutter

Most all new Mac Laptops come equipped with solid state hard drives which are super fast.  You can also opt to equip your new iMac with a solid state hard drive. However, the disk space on a standard configuration is not as generous as previous models that were equipped with a traditional hard drive. Recently, I have had a lot of clients surprised by the remaining free space on their brand new Mac Laptops because of this and it has proven to be a big problem for some.

If you have updated to OS X Sierra, there is a new storage management feature, Reduce Clutter, to help you save space on your hard drive. This is a handy tool even if you are not running low on disk space. I guarantee you will be surprised by some items that are taking up valuable disk space . . . I sure was. I had an 8.2 GB backup of someone named Margaret’s iPhone on my hard drive. Maybe it was a client or perhaps my sister-in-law. Who knows, but I know I don’t need it.

Watch the video below to get an overview of Reduce Clutter. If you are unsure what something is, do not delete it just to save space. Only delete what you are sure you do not need. If you have any questions, shoot me a message!

The video is like a mini lesson, so watch it when you have a few minutes to spare!


Close All of Your Open Safari Windows at Once on your iPhone and iPad

It happens to us all . . . our iPhones and iPads slow to a crawl and experience a quick battery drain. Oh yeah, I need to close all of the open applications and close Safari windows that are open. Yep, every time you open a webpage, it opens in a new window and before you know it you have way to many webpages open. Take a minute to look at this quick video tutorial on a shortcut to closing all of the webpages you have open instead of closing them one by one!