Capital “I” Driving You Crazy – another iOS 11 Bug

Many iPhone users running the latest version of iOS 11 can’t type a capital “I.” Instead of an “I” you may see a “?” or you may see some gibberish. The bug seems to affect users of iOS 11.1 (I’m glad that I am still on iOS 11.0.3) and it is in the autocorrect feature. Other than being really annoying, it is not a terrible bug. I have received many calls and emails from my clients and APPLE hears us. Word is the iOS 11.2 update will fix this bug and hopefully soon. Until then, there is a work around.

You can choose to do one of these three things:

  1. Turn off autocorrect.
  2. I don’t even want to tell you this fix because it is much more trouble than it is worth, but . . . press the leftmost text option to tell autocorrect to keep the capital “I” instead of changing it. This will get old FAST as you will need to do it every time you type a capital “I”.
  3. Set up a text replacement command. Settings, General, Keyboard, Text Replacement. Click on the “+” in the upper right corner. Type an “I” in the phrase section and an “i” in the shortcut section.


iPad – Floating An App Within An App & Drag and Drop

The iPad has supported split screen for a while, but iOS 11 makes it better. In addition to split screen, you can float an app over another app while using both – making it easy to seamlessly move between the apps. It also make is possible to use another great feature, drag and drop, to share data between the apps. I mentioned the new Dock in iOS 11 in my last post. Using the more interactive Dock makes moving around on your iPad much easier. The best way to understand the power of these new features is to show you a video!



After a Bumpy Upgrade to iOS 11 – Here Is What I Like!

Make that “here is what I love!” Many of my clients have long hoped to use their iPad in place of a computer, but from a productivity standpoint they have not been able to make a go of it. Apple is getting closer with iOS 11 and the new Files App. It lets you browse, search, organize and store all of your files in one place.

I use two different cloud services to store my documents, iCloud Drive and Dropbox. Prior to iOS 11 I had to access two different apps to access my files. The new File App puts them all in one place and you will find it on the new and improved Dock of iOS 11.


Open the File App from the Dock and you will see all of your files stored in different cloud services in one location.


Click on a location and you will see all of your files and folder pretty much like they would appear on your computer.


Apple is also making all of this without compromising its security feature that prevents one app from talking directly to another app. You can be sure your information will be safe.

Speaking of safe, it’s been a while since I encouraged readers of my blog to store their documents in the cloud, but please do! Not only does it allow you to access all of your files on all of your devices, but it also makes for a great backup if something happens to one of your devices. Give it some thought! You probably already are paying for extra iCloud or Dropbox for your pictures, so use it for your documents too! In these times, there is no excuse to loose any of your precious data!

Just a bit about the new Dock in iOS 11. It is like your Dock from the Mac and will provide easy access to apps. The Dock keeps the apps you want within reach. No longer is it only available on the Home screen. It can always be summoned by just swiping up from the bottom of the screen instead of having to reach for the Home button. As well, the new iOS 11 Dock keeps the most recently used apps on the Dock for more ease of access. I’ve had to make myself remember to use the new always available Dock app, but now that I do, I love it!


iPhone Voicemail Issue

I’m looking forward to reviewing some of the new iOS 11 and OS X High Sierra Features. Yes, after a bumpy upgrade, I am beginning to appreciate some of the new features and I want to share them with you. Before I begin that chain of blog posts, I do want to mention an issue with iPhone Voicemails that I as well as many of my clients have started experiencing.

Here is what has been happening . . . Let’s say if I was unavailable for a phone call (either talking to someone else on the phone or did not have my phone with me), I frequently would see the notification, but would not see the voicemail when I opened the app. A few days later it would appear. Not good when you have clients calling for help and appointments. I apologized to several clients and hoped the issue was a fluke, but it randomly kept happening. Then I started getting the same complaint from clients. I found that the fix was to reset the network settings on your iPhone. If you are having the issue, I hope it will resolve it for you to. Here’s how:

  • Settings
  • General
  • Reset
  • Reset Network Settings

Warning – when you reset your Network Settings, it deletes all of your previous network connections so you will need to reconnect to all WiFi networks that you have been connecting to automatically.



Just a quick update on my recent upgrade to Mac OS X High Sierra and iOS 11 . . . My advice has always been to hold off on major operating system upgrades until all of the bugs are fixed! That certainly holds true for High Sierra and iOS 11. Though I only had one major problem, my phone and computer have been slow to respond at times after the upgrades. Several times my phone would ring, but my screen was blank and there was no way to answer the phone call. YIKES! Not good when my clients need me!  My biggest problem was that my calendar (which I live by) was very messed up. Many appointments duplicated and some appointments disappeared. I noticed the dups, but it wasn’t until this morning when I scheduled an appointment for next week that I realized I had a lot of openings – that certainly was not correct! Fortunately, I was able to do a restore to my iCloud calendar, whew – back on track!

I’d wait for a couple of weeks to do these updates. I noticed this morning that there is already an update for the iOS 11 to fix bugs. When you do make the upgrade, please have a BACK UP!

High Sierra does have some exciting new features; however, Apple did not include all of the new features on the first release. I was really looking forward to Messages in iCloud. Finally this would allow me to delete a Message on one device and sync the delete to all of my other devices. Unfortunately, this feature was not part of the first release of High Sierra. Wish Apple had made that clear!

There are some exciting new changes and I will highlight them in upcoming blogs!


Photos and Dates

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 8.30.28 AM

Organizing your photos these days is pretty easy! Most of us use our iPhones to take photos and with Location Services enabled and Date/Time enabled, your photos are automatically organized in the Photos App by date.

I also use a digital camera and it too has a date and time stamp. No problem unless the date and time is wrong (or was never set up) on the digital camera. Have you ever wondered why a photo has a date of 1980 on it? I also use a scanner to scan old photos. With a scanned photo, the date becomes the scan date rather than the date of the photo.

Apple’s Photos App gives you an easy way to correct that:

  1. Select your photo or photos. To select multiple photos in a sequence, click on the first photo, move to the last photo, press the Shift key and hold it down while clicking on the last photo in the sequence. To select multiple photos that are not in sequence click on the first photo, press and hold the Command key while selecting the photos.
  2. Click on the Image Menu.
  3. Click on Adjust Date and Time and you will see the dialog box above. Set your date and time! If you did not have Location Services enabled or if it is a scanned photo, you can also let the location.
  4. Click Adjust when done!

Thank You Apple . . .

It’s been a while since my last post, but it’s because I try to keep my promise to only post when I have something worthy to write about (plus I’ve been busy with my wonderful clients)! I’m excited about writing this post, because it is all about fun things (unlike my most recent Verizon posts)!

Apple kicked off their annual WWDC Conference yesterday in San Jose and opened with a keynote from Tim Cook. Wow, did he have a lot of exciting things to announce and it’s been a while since I’ve seen them release a lot to get excited about! This post will not put a dent in covering all the news, rather I am writing about the announcements most exciting to me and what I think my clients will love most.

I’m not saving the best for last, I’m beginning with it!

iOS 11 (Available Fall 2017) – these are just a few of my favorite new features . . .

  • iMessages will synchronize between devices, and will free up storage space by storing things like old photo messages to the cloud. This is a biggie! Not only is it annoying to have to delete the same messages on multiple devices, but many of my clients find that saved iMessages are hogging all of their device storage. Sounds like iOS 11 fixes this!
  • Apple Pay Cash – Apple Pay will now support person-to-person payments via iMessage!
  • Do not Disturb While Driving safety mode, will silence notifications, show a blank screen on your phone, and auto-reply with an “I’m driving!” message while you’re driving.

watchOS 4 (Available Fall 2017) – I mainly use my watch for working out, so these updates make a big difference for me!

  • Safety Feature – you will be able to use the watch face as a flashlight or blinking light during runs or walks.
  • Playlists – watchOS 4 will support more than one playlist (yeah) and you will be able to connect a specific playlist to a workout!
  • Multiple Workouts – The Apple Watch’s Workout app currently only supports one workout at a time. Many of my workouts include more than one activity. Frequently  I will run and then walk for a while or I will use the elliptical and then lift weights. The new watchOS 4 will support multiple workouts in one session.

High Sierra (Fall 2017) – will be the next OS X following Sierra. While it has many features, I’m only going to focus on ONE because my clients have been asking for this! Apple was a pioneer in the printed photo books, but you could only create them using Apple Books. High Sierra’s Photos app is going to integrate the ability to make books through other vendors like Shutterfly!

New Macs – available this summer.

  • The iMac is getting a better display, faster processors and graphics performance, more memory capacity, and some new ports. There is also an iMac with Retina Display that is getting a lower entry-level price
  • The MacBook and MacBook Pro are getting faster chips and drives and the 13-inch MacBook Pro is getting a lower entry-level price.
  • The MacBook Air is getting a faster chip.

New iPad Pro 10.5″ – Many of my clients have been holding out to buy a new iPad. Apple recently updated their iPad Air 2 and called it simple, iPad. It’s faster, but slightly thicker and not an exiting update. Today Apple introduced  a new 10.5-inch version of the iPad Pro. It has thinner borders around its edges, but still has a home button, and will support a full-width keyboard cover. It features a display with better color and a new feature called ProMotion. ProMotion updates content up to 120 times per second, making it feel smoother and more responsive especially when using the Pencil. It’s faster and will come with twice the standard amount of memory at 64 GB.

HomePod – last, but not least . . . Apple’s answer to Sonos and Amazon Echo! I love my Sonos and was just getting ready add to my collection, but I think I am going to wait until December (think Christmas shopping) and give HomePod a try.  I won’t need to be with my phone or Mac to talk to Siri!

As I said, this is just a brief list with only the improvements that really excited me! More to come . . .